The problem PoPWord solves

Have you ever struggled with learning a language ,even with the hours you put on learning and reading the dictionary practising ,me too , i myself struggled learning french because of it's massive vocabulary, and reading a french dictionary is a challenge of itself .

Learning a language can take a long time and mastering a language is a never ending journey you always learn new words , new meanings, but for my case and i Believe your case also ,you don't really to be the next Molière but just to be abe to understand your friends or to understand text and articles related to your areas of interest if this is what your aiming for ,i'm sad to tell you that is not easy either ,but wait not easy if tou try to go through it the old way , by reading difficult books or exploring the dictionary or listening to boring dialogues…

So what i suggest as a solution that i discoverd the hard way is whatPoPWord is built to be

PoPWord the solution

PoPWord is the solution i found to fit my case ,let see why, first of all lets redefine our goal, our goal is to learn any language enough to have discussions , understand media , and articles related to your interests , by clearly defining what we want of a language we cut a big chunk of unnecessary vocabulary and shortcut long hours of work , here where PoPWord chrome extension comes to place, PoPWord makes use of your hours on the web reading to actually learn the language you want in a simple ,convenient way you just need to double click on any word in the language you want to learn to translate it to another language of your choice also see multiple definitions and meanings of the word not only that every word you explore is underlined everywhere in the page so you can memorise it and access it easily .

The best part is yet to come, every word you have defined or translated is saved for you in your account that is created when subscribed to PoPWord webapp ,here in what we call VocabLoby you have all your words and their correspondent translations,definitions and a training ground to practice you vocab and strengthen your memory by playing word games, whats difficult about this !

Why PoPWord is the best solution

We truly believe that PoPWord is the best way to learn a language effortlessly and most important organically ,with PoPWord you don't need to set aside one or two hours period to learn a language, no, with PoPWord you use your own time already spent to browse the web reading to actually learn the language you want ,and after you done browsing you can go to PoPWord web app to see all the words you have learned today to practice and revise ,even here we make practising your vocabulary natural as possible ,how ?

By playing word games, this way you don't feel like working but your strengthen you memory and vocabulary without getting bored, tired or overwhelmed with the challenge of learning a big number of words .

The idea behind PoPWord is to make learning vocabulary natural ,easy and time effective but also design it in way to encourage frequent practice and prevents boredom and the difficulty of learning a language to stops learners from finishing and getting to their defined goals .

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